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Pacific Crest Trail Blvd., California, East San Diego. #nobikesallowed

Blood Moon 

"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth." 

For all you moon babies out there, the Lunar Eclipse was beautiful.  In perfect alignment with the Earth and Sun, refraction through the earth’s atmosphere caused the same effect as the sunsets we see on the ocean to strike the surface of the moon casting a glowing red hue.  

We are magnetic.  Cosmic gravitation is balanced within us. Align your energies.  Direct your life.

Wind power #Velements

Here is one of the main reasons Swami’s gets so crowded

Las Gaviotas

The Sunset from the popular Baja getaway just south of Rosarito Beach, Baja Norte.  This is but one of the reasons so many San Diegeños will take any excuse to escape south.


Water by Morgan Maassen

Photography: Julian Temple Band

These photos of Julian and his instrumentalists were captured for promotion of the band’s 2014 Tour.  

Triple Exposure feature shot in camera on Nikon D800, 24-70mm f/2.8


The Torrey Pine Tree. The rarest native pines in the world. Battered by exposure to the wind and cooked in the San Diego sun, stubbornly persisting, the elements shape their character form. #torreypine

Stoked on this seasons conditions all the swell were being blessed with allowing us to score those rare special breaks. Thanks for the photo #photos805.

Lost somewhere on the coast. Almost paddled out but passed due to 15ft waves breaking closer to whale spouts then the sand and nobody in sight. Can only imagine what else lurks below #sharktank #sandollar #surfselfie #gypsylife

The path less walked is the way to freedom

Good to be in SLO seeing Brotha Jules busking as usual. #juliantempleband

Never a happy sight, especially with more swell on the horizon. But some irrational justification is found in 15ft barrels and an 8 man lineup. #blacks #yolo #eddiewouldgo #bacterialevelunknown # (at Black’s Beach)